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Creative groups

Political and Artistic Students’ Associations

A) Political Associations

Since the ‘60s, Greek students have been politically active.

The Greek National Students’ Association which coordinated this political activity is disintegrated for a long time (see some historical facts here).

Political parties that exist till now are (in alphabetical order) DAP-NDFK, PASP, PSK, etc.

Every April, political representatives are elected during the students’ elections. Representatives participate in General Assemblies of their University Department.


Β) Anti-racist Association of Students in  Rethymno

To have access to the activities of this group click here.


C) Voluntarism of the Students of the University of Crete

The principles of voluntarism - Be a volunteer yourself! – and the Guide of voluntarism can be found here.


D) Theatrical Groups

The students’ theatrical group "rope and soap" has been active for many years now. They frequently present an authentic play (usually every month) publically.

For more than 20 years the “Theatrical Cruise” has been an amateur theater company located in Rethymno (127, Kourmouli str.). Theatrical cruise has unique achievements with professional demands (visit the relevant website here).


Ε) Musical Group

To visit the website of the Musical Group of the Students of the University of Crete press here


Ζ) "Routes of the East"

"Routes of the East" is a students’ Cultural Association of the University of Crete, which aims at the acquaintance of the history and cultures of Eastern Mediterranean, the Near East and the Arabic world through various events.

Visit the website “Cultural groups of Students in Rethymno” in order to be informed about their activities.

 The students’ cultural center “Ksenia” is located on the coastal road of Rethymno. The entrance to the Exhibition and Conference Center is located on this coastal road, 16, Sofokli Venizelou str., while entrance to the Students’ Residences is located to 46, Ni. Psarrou str. Tel. No. 28310-77050.